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Chamberlain’s 100 points detailed statistics released

Posted Time: 2016.08.30


Earlier today, the well-known data on the official website BBR Twitter announced that they increased the number of technical details on the website of the game statistics, including detailed technical Chamberlain 100 points battle statistics.
According to statistics, detailed data Chamberlain is a single market of 100 points, 25 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 fouls, which shot 63 times hit 36 ​​goals, 32 penalty 28 free throws. Chamberlain played 48 minutes.
Of course, the field of technical statistics Chamberlain because shock the splendid record has been widely well known, but BBR complementary part of this update is more data in the other players in this field.
For example, The Philadelphia Warriors rival Knicks, they present a total of three games scoring 30 +, Hall of Famer Ricky - forest cover had 33 points, eight rebounds and six assists, another nicknamed "Big Dick" Knowles players cut 31 points and 7 rebounds, inside Cleveland - Buckner had 33 points and eight rebounds - and this is the highest score of his career.
But in the face of Chamberlain, these outstanding technical statistics seem bleak indeed a lot.
Warriors side, in addition to Chamberlain, the highest score is the Warriors nickname Destroyer Art Wales, he had 17 points, five rebounds and six assists. In the 1970s he became a coach, the entire 14-year coaching career has been spent in the Warriors, NBA history the entire coaching career at the same time the team's third-longest coach (Gregg Popovich after the red Bishop Auerbach.)
In addition, the Hall of Fame point guard cover - in a Rogers sent out 20 assists, most of which presumably gave Chamberlain. The jumper father Paul - Ali King This is a completely reduced to a supporting role, only got 16 points.
It is worth mentioning that in recent years, BBR has been filled by a variety of means old game technical statistics, the site of the original technical statistical sources merely newspaper theme, only warfare goals, free throws, the number of fouls and score four technical statistics.

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