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The Lakers signed two frontcourt positions players

Posted Time: 2016.08.30


Recently, the Los Angeles Lakers signed two new, complementary team position vacant new season training camp. Zach - Auguste and Travis - Virgin have been a training camp contract, the team lineup now stands at 16 people, so the players have to compete in training camp location.
6-10 Auguste had played four seasons at the University of Notre Dame, averaging 14.7 points and 10.7 rebounds and 1.1 blocks of data, while shooting 56.7%. In the summer he has represented the Lakers summer league play, and averaged 15 minutes of playing time to get 5.3 points 4.0 rebounds, his defense and rebounding talent was apparently saw the Lakers advantage.
Vail last season in the Knicks played 51 games, averaging 3.9 points 2.1 rebounds. 25 years old, he stands 6 feet 10 inches, there is a certain one-third capacity, a total of 30 last season, went 11 outside. In addition, the University of Louisville played three years at UCLA, Los Angeles, many fans are more familiar with him.
Auguste same height similar position with the Virgin, the Lakers probably will make a decision in the two men at the time of determining the final line-up. Although the team now has 15 players have guaranteed contracts, but management may cut Nick - Young, releasing a location.
Lakers forward position is already fairly crowded, lol - Deng, Anthony Brown - Randall, small Nance, Yi Jianlian have to compete for playing time. However, if Luke - Wharton play small ball, that Auguste and Virgin are as backup center, this position has always been the Lakers' weaknesses, in addition to Mozgov, the only new signing Zubak the depth is not enough.

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