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Washington Wizards NBA 2K17 Player Ratings and Analysis

Posted Time: 2016.09.05

I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve watched numerous episodes of Keeping Up with all the Kardashians. There’s nothing at all superior than curling up in front of a tv with a huge bowl of cereal and watching Kim get angry at Khloe for the reason that she purchased the incorrect colored dress.

Life is difficult, man. The Kardashians are not well known mainly because they’re talented. Hell, they’re well known for rather the opposite. They’re an escape from reality.

As opposed to worrying about all the devastation that occurs in the world, it is easy to tune into the Kardashians and forget life, as a complete, is even a factor.

That is what video games are, also.

I stopped playing video games a long time ago, but I nevertheless get NBA 2K each year. Like the Kardashians, that game is definitely an escape from reality - or in this case, the Washington Wizards.

In the world of 2K, the Wizards - or any other team, like the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers - could grow to be NBA champions.

After a hard day of actual existence, it’s exciting to take a step back and immerse myself in a planet where the Washington Wizards can win 70+ games.

What’s the point of all of that? Nothing at all. I just like watching the Kardashians from time to time.

Oh, yeah: the ratings for NBA 2K17 are beginning to leak out.

Our pal Bartosz Bielecki - not to be confused with Katie Ladecky - shared the Wizards’ ratings for this year’s edition from the game.

For all those who have terrible vision and can't make the ratings out from the screenshot, right here they're:

John Wall: 89
Marcin Gortat: 80
Bradley Beal: 79
Otto Porter: 77
Ian Mahinmi: 77
Markieff Morris: 76
Jason Smith: 74
Trey Burke: 73

There are not a great deal of shockers here, but I'm sort of shocked that Beal’s 3-point rating is only a C+.

I believe that the game developers are generating it harder for players to abuse the 3-point shot, so the character ratings could possibly have suffered consequently. Morris’ 3-point rating is an F and Porter’s is only a D.

Beal would be the second most talented player around the roster, but Gortat features a higher rating. Due to the fact we’re all expecting Beal to have a breakout season and 2K frequently updates their ratings all through the year, the guard’s overall will most likely see a important enhance soon.

Also, what occurred to Tomas Satoransky? 2K is going to ruin him, are not they? They’ll study soon. That man is going to shine, even when his 2K rating is horrendous.




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